Posted on: March 8th 2018

Layer Marney Tower Visit

Dream Team and Rockets visited Layer Marney Tower on Thursday 8th March. Back in class, the children wrote a newspaper article, reporting on the exciting events of the day!


"On a freezing, windy day out at Layer Marney Tower, dead on 9:00, a sudden, rigid breeze froze my constantly fidgeting fingers, as we listened to a great saga about a victorious Anglo-Saxon warrior named Byrtnoth." - Edward


"All of the school children had a lovely time there and would love to go again. The school children said to Hilary and Jackie, the women that led the trip, a big thank you!" - Molly


"The fun activities that the children took part in were: listening to sagas, looking and feeling their armour and weapons, making clay longboat models, archery and weaving" - Molly


"The pupils of Dream Team made extraordinary models of Viking longships" - Charlie


We have asked some of the kids what they thought, and this is what they replied: "That was the best school trip ever!" commented Edward. "Archery was my favourite bit of the school trip!" answered Lucy, with the greatest smile. - James


"I found the school field trip to Layer Marney Tower both fun and educational, learning about Vikings and the Anglo-Saxon times. I can't choose my favourite thing; it was all really exciting!" - Hayden


"The trip was so fun, and I actually learnt quite a lot of fun facts about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. My favourite part was the weaving and archery!" - Rhianna, Year 5, Rockets.


"It was an amazing trip,and there were lots of fun activities to keep us entertained. I especially enjoyed the archery and the sagas" - Finley


"I really liked the saga and story about Vikings going to Maldon. I also really loved the archery!" - Dylan