Posted on: March 9th 2018

School Council Conference 2018 - Road Safety

On Friday 9th March, three students from Heybridge Primary School (Lilly, Elliot and I-Grace) travelled to the Lower Plume School with Mrs Harper for a school council conference about 'Road Safety'.

After Friday's assembley, we got our bags and were picked up by a minibus and were driven to Lower Plume.  At 9:45am we arrived at Plume and signed in at the office and went into the hall after we had put our bags away.

At 9:55am, we did an ice braker-Road Safety Bingo-where we walked around the hall asking people how they travelled to school so therefore you would know each other more.

10:00am: we did our first workshop which for me it was 'Stop'!  In this workshop you had to understand stopping distances.  We learnt that drivers can not stop their vehicles 'dead', and it will always travel a few metres before the vehicle finally stops, even when the driver performs an emergency brake.

All the other activities were all about the same topic-Road Safety.  My thoughts on this year's conference was that children who haven't already learnt Road Safety will now be safe on the road and will learn how important it is to 'Stay.Safe.Be.Seen'.  I think in the future children will definately be safer on the road because of these conferences but I think it would be better to bring this to schools for children in year 5 all around the UK.


This article was written by Grace in Year 6.

Well Done Grace!