Extended School Provision

We are delighted to finally share with you that our Extended School Provision will started on Tuesday 3rd September 2019.  We will be asking the children to help us choose a better name for it in the Autumn term!

Vanessa Chipperfield (more commonly known to the children as Mrs Chip,) will be leading the Extended School Provision with Mrs Over (also known as Mrs O) and Mrs Cushing. 
There are lots of new sofas, games, equipment, arts and crafts and many other exciting things for the children to use whilst they are with us.

We are committed to this feeling like a home from home environment where the children can have a calm start to the school day and relax after a busy day at school. 

 The children will help the adults with preparing breakfasts and snacks, clearing away and looking after each other as a family normally would. 

The morning sessions will start at 7:30am going through to 8:40am when the children will go straight to their classrooms. 
We will provide them with breakfast consisting of a choice of cereals, fruit, toast and yoghurts.

Morning sessions will cost £3.50 per child per session.

The afternoon sessions will begin straight after school from 3:15pm through to 6pm and we will provide a range of snacks.

After school sessions will cost £8.00 per child per session.

These sessions will only be available during term time and not during any school holidays or non-pupil days.  This may change in the future depending on the uptake of the club and demand. 

You are welcome to drop off and collect your child at any time during the sessions but the full session time will have to be paid for.

Online payment is available via SIMS Pay and is the only means of payment.  We are not able to accept cash or cheques.

All fees must be paid for in advance, at the time of booking the session.  Payment is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another day/session should your child not attend for any reason.

If you would like to book a space for your child on either or both of the sessions, please complete a registration form and the booking form for the session you require.