Local Governing Body Mission Statement and Membership

At Heybridge Primary School we aim to provide opportunities to enable all children to learn in a caring supportive and inspiring environment.  In becoming successful learners we want all our children to develop a love of learning.  Our aim is also to enable our young children to become responsible and caring citizens who can contribute to school and the wider, indedd, global community.


We currently have 12 governors:

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 2 Staff Governors
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 7 Appointed Governors

Chair of Governors:  Mr Chris Westall, an Appointed Governor

Vice-Chair of Governors:  Mrs Natasha Browne an Appointed Governor

Please see the sections to the left for details of our current and recent LGB members.  If you wish to contact governors, please do so via the school contact details.


There are six meetings of the full Local Governing Body each academic year.  In addition to this, there is one committee who have delegated responsibility laid out in their terms of reference.

Finance Committee

Terms of Reference for the LGB Pay Committee

The LGB Finance Committee consists of a minimum of 3 governors, 2 will share quorum.

The Headteacher will attend in an advisory capacity and will withdraw when his salary is under consideration.  Staff Governors are not eligible to sit on this committee.

All details should be given anonymously to the relevant panel.

The terms of reference for the LGB will be determined from time to time by the Trust.  The currnet terms of reference are:

Terms which may be delegated to the Headteacher:

To implement the Pay Policy in a fair and objective manner and to consider any individual representations that may be made in respect of pay decisions;

To undertake an annual pay review for each member of staff based on the criteria set out in the Pay Policy with effect from 1 September;

To observe all statutory and contractual obligations, inlcuding making arrangements to notify pay decisions to individual members of staff within appropriate timescales;

To consider recommendations of the review/Headteacher for pay rises;

To recommend the annual budget required for pay purposes, including provision for discretionary pay awards arising from performance review.

Terms which are the direct responsibility of the LGB:

To keep up to date with relevant developments via the Trust's HR function including legislation and statutory guidance affecting the Pay Policy and to review and to recommend changes or modification as appropriate and at least annually;

To carry out the performance review of the Headteacher and agree any pay increases in conjunction with the CEO/Deputy CEO/Director of Education/Regional Director.

Ensure that there are adequate measures in place to ensure the delegated activities are being carried out appropriately in line with the Pay Policy;

In the case of new appointments to the staffing structure, decisions on starting salary will be delegated to the Headteacher or Selection Panel as appropriate.

Please click here to view the agreed LGB Constitution.