Team Points

The children are sorted into 'Teams' when they join Heybridge Primary School in Early Years Foundation Stage.  The four teams are:

 Nightingale             Shakespeare Pankhurst  Darwin
Florence Nightingale image

Florence Nightingale



William shakespeare 2 l Emmeline Pankhurst image Charles darwin image

The children chose the names of the teams themselves, focusing on 'Inspirational British People'.

The children can earn team points for a variety of reasons including exceptional behaviour, outstanding work, good citizenship and personal achievements.  Every fortnight the points are totalled up and the winning team captains are presented with the Team Trophey in the Head Teachers Celebration Assembly.

The teams are represented by a colour and two captains which are elected by their peers. 

The Captains of Nightingale (Yellow) Team are Luke and Dylan.

The Captains of Shakespeare (Red) Team are Jake and Gemma.

The Capatains of Pankhurst (Blue) Team are Kyla and Darcy.

The Captains of Darwin (Green) are Lilly and Harry.